Feb, March, April - Wrap

Read through Sean's Feb, March, April 2022 wrap


Sean K Reagan

4/8/2022 3 min read

No matter how long the winter – spring is sure to follow. After what could be considered a couple years in a row of “winter” – with less traveling, less activity, less connection with people due to the ongoing pandemic, 2022 is starting out a little stronger. 2022 is beginning to look like the spring of the early twenty-twenties. So far, so good.

February found me skipping down to sunny Florida, attending an actual in-person conference. Yes, you read that right. An in-person conference for Keller Williams in Orlando. My six a.m. flight was more like a four a.m. flight considering I had to be up and drive an hour to the airport, too. After arriving, I hit up the pool bar and snagged a mojito, although I prefer bourbon.

There were so many influential speakers – one of which was Gary Keller, previous CEO and current Executive Chairman of the board – the most influential man in real estate. There was a whole host of talented speakers who really made the event shine. My main focus was to capture the event, so I was laser focused. Since my mind was focused on gathering the content, I was only able to be fully invested in portions of the conference (work took precedence, of course!). One of our favorite parts was Sean Anchor’s segment. A good many attendees felt like he captured the audience in a way some of the other speakers didn’t – he had us do an activity where the audience turned and stared at each other and tried not to smile. Check out the video below for some highlights!

Then in March, the windiest month of the entire year – I flew a drone. Twice! The first flight was to showcase a property and make it look like a showstopper. When to be honest, it was a bit of a dump (the land was the selling point with that listing). The second was for Bike4ALZ, check out the video below. The last nine teams have raised half of a million dollars, with this year’s goal being $150K. I flew it on the street next door to our office, had the Bike4ALZ guys come around the curve and I slowly did a pull back shot. It looked sick!

In the world of photography and videography, I was able to record a number of videos for work in addition to picking up my newfound skill of drone piloting. I filmed one real estate video (video below!) in addition to my Bike4ALZ video.

Finally – my last update of the past three months. I started a podcast! My podcast is being recorded right here in Bowling Green, KY. My good friend Bartley Weaver (@dreamweaveriv on IG) has his own podcast, and it inspired me. I’ve had a strong feeling for a while that there’s a sense of disconnect in the photo and film industry. As a creative, I understand that we don’t always want to give away our connections, but my goal is to bridge the gap of this separation. As a creative, it can be easy to just be in your own world – stay separated, and not talk to anyone. Ironic – since the main point of art is to express yourself. I’m here to be a voice for the creatives and show society what it’s truly like being a creative. In modern day, we have to stand up for what we believe in –and defend what we hold dear to us… our ideas, our content and yes, our connections. If you get a chance, check out my new podcast called the “Sean K. Daily” where I’ll be giving back to listeners with inspiration to keep fighting, no matter the struggles that come your way. I’ll be showcasing my own struggles as a creative, as well as my victories. It’s cutthroat out there. My passion is to help other creatives. I’m here to help others through whatever they may be going through – creative and career-wise, or on a personal level. It’s tough, but the main thing to remember is we’re all on the same team. That’s what I’m hoping to express on my daily podcast – where I’ll jump on the mic every morning. I’ll have guests, go into detail about my life, and hope that it inspires others to realize we all go into battle – but we don’t have to go without armor. If you’d like to be on the podcast, shoot me a message at sean@seankreagan.com

Prepare for battle, prepare for life!